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Donna King Connecticut Justice of the Peace
Donna King Connecticut Justice of the Peace

Same-sex Ceremonies

As of November 12, 2008 same-sex marriage was ruled legal in Connecticut. I have been honored to perform many civil unions and now, happily perform marriages for couples of the same gender. The new marriage licenses are now available at the local Town Clerks’ offices in each town and city. I feel especially privileged to work with same-sex couples. I am happy to assist you with your ceremony.

Current Connecticut law will automatically change all civil unions that were performed under the 2005 civil union law into marriages in October of 2010.

In the interim, I’ll gladly perform a same-sex marriage for any couple that I have joined in civil union and charge no additional fee. Please contact me for details.

The FAQ’s answered below apply to same sex marriage. Please contact me with any questions and I’ll do my best to give you the most current information available.

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Same-Sex Marriage In the State of Connecticut:

A same-sex marriage is a legal relationship that provides same-sex couples in Connecticut all the benefits, protections and responsibilities under Connecticut law as are granted to spouses in any marriage. (More information about the law is available from local Town Clerks.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can form a same-sex marriage?
Both parties to a same-sex marriage must be of the same sex. Both parties must be at least 18 years of age, of sound mind, and not already in a marriage or another same-sex marriage. Connecticut also does not allow a same-sex marriage between close relatives.

Do we need a license?
Yes. Before your ceremony you will need to purchase a Connecticut marriage license. It must be presented to the officiator before your marriage is performed. A marriage license is valid and a ceremony may be performed within a period of not more than sixty-five days after the date of application.

Do we need blood tests?

Where do we get a same-sex marriage license?
The marriage license must be issued by the registrar of vital statistics in the Connecticut town in which the marriage will take place.

What information do we need to purchase a same-sex marriage license in Connecticut ?

You must know your legal town of residence and your place of birth; you will also need to know your parents' names, including your mother's maiden name, and the states where your parents were born (a certified copy of your birth certificate can supply most of this information). Connecticut law requires that both of you must sign in the presence of the town clerk, certifying that all facts are correct. They may legally ask to see documented proof of your statements, (such as birth certificates, divorce decrees, etc).  License fee is $30.

What if either of us has been married or in a civil union before?

If you are a widow or widower, you are free to form a same-sex marriage. You will be asked the date that your spouse died. If you are divorced you may remarry after the date on which your previous marriage or civil union is dissolved.

Can a same-sex marriage license be issued through the postal mail?

Can we form a same-sex marriage by proxy?


Is there a waiting period?


Where can we form a same-sex marriage?
A Connecticut license may be valid only for a marriage performed in Connecticut (check the laws in your state). If you are a Connecticut resident or forming a same-sex marriage with a Connecticut resident you may form a same-sex marriage anywhere in Connecticut. Whether a Connecticut resident or not, you must form a marriage in the town where your license is issued.

Who can certify our same-sex marriage?
A judge, Supreme Court justice, assistant judge, justice of the peace, or an ordained or licensed member of the clergy residing in Connecticut may perform your ceremony.

What do we do with the license?
By law you must deliver the license to the person who will conduct your marriage ceremony before the marriage can be performed.

Do we need witnesses?
Connecticut law does not require witnesses. If you are planning a religious ceremony check with your church or synagogue to see if religious tenets require witnesses for your same-sex marriage.

What happens to the license after the ceremony?
The person who performs the ceremony (officiate) will complete the sections concerning the date, place and officiate information and sign your license. It must then be returned to the town clerk's office where the marriage took place so that your marriage may be officially registered. It is not a complete legal document useful for passports, social security, etc. until it has been recorded in the town clerk's office where it was purchased.

How do we get a copy of our same-sex marriage certificate?

A certified copy can be obtained from the Registrar of Vital Statistics (Town Clerk) of the town where the marriage was performed for a small fee.

What are your fees?
Fees are evaluated on an individual basis depending on time required and location. A pre-marriage conference, assistance with the ceremony, and rehearsal fee will be quoted in advance.