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Are you looking for someone to make your wedding day special?

As your Justice of the Peace I will work with you to create a ceremony that reflects your relationship and the partnership of marriage you are building. Whether it's a formal service or a casual gathering I can help make your wedding a memorable and meaningful event.

Communicating just what the two of you want to say in your wedding vows, discovering ways to include family and friends, and exploring spiritual or cultural elements that reflect your heritage, are all central aspects of your wedding.

Your wedding is an expression of who you are - your personal style, values and commitment. My expertise is in helping you to integrate all of this in a respectful ceremony that reflects you.

Contact me to schedule an appointment to discuss your wedding ceremony.

Your Memorable Day


N and T

Thank you so much for performing our wedding ceremony! We had so many compliments and though I did not get to see you before or even after the ceremony, Tom told me several times that you were so helpful and played a big role in calming him when he was overwhelmed by all of the commotion before the ceremony began! The ceremony was exactly as we had wished it would be and we owe much of it to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! All our best,

J and D

It has been a week since you married us and I wish I could go back to relive it all over again because it went by too fast. I don't remember if I had an opportunity to thank you after the ceremony. Parts of the wedding are somewhat of a blur, especially those that carried the most weight - the ceremony to be specific. I mostly remember taking deep breaths and shaking.

Anyway, I'm writing to thank you for a beautiful, meaningful, and special ceremony!!! You were great! It was an honor to have you marry us and for that we thank you. Again, thank you very much for your excellent service and genuine presence! Hugs,

C and T

I wanted to touch base and thank you for Saturday. The ceremony was sooo beautiful! T. had mentioned to me that you helped him "keep his cool" when the glass couldn't be found before the ceremony. He mentioned to me how helpful you were to him, he was very grateful and so am I! Thank you so very much again. You are fabulous! T. and I will certainly drop your name to those who wish to tie the knot! Thanks again!

S and A

During our meeting you displayed a warmth and genuine kindness that made us feel that our ceremony would be one we would remember all our life.

L and G

You made us feel so comfortable and special. You are a wonderful and kind person! We are so glad that our paths crossed. We are lucky to have found you.

S and B

Even though we had reviewed the content of the ceremony in advance, I felt as though I was hearing it all for the first time. It was a very powerful and moving experience- almost magical. Thank you for that.

B and C

Thank you for helping us plan our special day. We are grateful that you've been able to share in our joy today and that you've helped in making history!

J and T

We were just thinking about you! We recently attended a friends wedding in San Diego who had a JP that turned out to be, well... not what they expected. We were so very fortunate to have found you! Glad we could share our wonderful day with you! Let us know if you ever need a reference! Best,

C and P

Thank you for helping us gain this new status in life. We are honored to have shared our experience with you; and yours with us. As we pass through life together, we will remember you.

D and E.

Thank your for taking part in our wedding. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!! It was a pleasure to work with you.

J and R

Thank You so much for officiating at our Civil Union ceremony...but more importantly for being a presence of peace to share this special day with us.

A and N

Donna, Thank you so much for officiating at our “surprise wedding”! Your flexibility and style were such a great match for us! Thanks again!

R and H

We truly appreciate your services at our wedding. Your ideas are fabulous and you helped us choose a beautiful ceremony. Thank you for all your help.

S and R

I have not had the chance to say thank you for being part of our wedding ceremony! And yet May 13th seems like yesterday. It was a very emotional time for me. So many thoughts and feelings were racing through my head. You were Perfect! Even today one of my friends was commenting to someone else about how Ron and I didn't have a religious ceremony - ours was much more personal. You were wonderful and you spoke with such sensitivity. I am so happy I found your website! I wish you a life full of wonderful moments.

Gratefully yours,

G and M

Just a quick thank you before we are off. You made everything so much easier. I just can't thank you enough. It was beautiful.

B and B

Hi Donna

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for making our wedding ceremony just as perfect as we always hoped it would be. You went above and beyond to put us at ease and make us feel like the center of the world. Everyone absolutely loved it. I will send some professional photos when we get them, but in the meanwhile I thought you would get a kick out of this snapshot taken from above that captures the moment you pointed out that my students were there. This was such a fun and memorable moment for us and for them!

With gratitude,

N and T

Dear Donna,

Thank you for performing our wedding ceremony. It was exactly what we envisioned and that is in large part due to you! We really appreciate all you've done for us. Thanks again.


P and J

Hi Donna,

I want to take a moment and thank you, from the bottom of my heart for guiding J and I from beginning to end through the process of getting married. From the first moment I heard your voice on the other end of the phone line telling me that you were my Justice of the Peace and that you would be available to marry Jeff and me, I felt as though I was enveloped by a safe white light. we both feel so much gratitude for your wise, warm and gentle counsel. Thank you thank you...our marriage ceremony was just the way we hoped it would be... your concern and thoughtfulness helped us remain in the moment for our ceremony. Thank you, thank you for everything... and we are on our way to continuing the life we have dreamed a married couple!

With warmest regards,

P and S

Dear Donna,

We are so very happy that we got to have you be our JP. A perfect fit! Thank you so much for making this day possible for us. Peace!

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